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At the Close. Big volatility to end the month….and more to come.


Well, it’s all about selling the EUR to the catacombs these days and today it was no exception. The only difference was that, instead of direct EUR/USD selling, we had EUR selling through the crosses, and particularly (and this is definitely not technically welcome), through a huge EUR/CHF sell-off, from 1.3130 to 1.2930 in just a session, reminding us that this once so-called lethargic pair is the king of volatility at present and a driving force in the markets.

Nothing big to add from the technical point of view, I would repeat the extreme OS status of the single currency, but then you would label me as a broken record and I would not like that. Interesting to see whether the USD/JPY sell-off is a one-day event or a more sustained situation, but anyway in the mid 83’s I think it’s pretty good to buy the pair. Also, keep a big eye on USD/CHF, as the unit pretends to regain parity, and a move above 1.0020 would mean the break of the short-term resistance line off the recent highs.

Before calling it a day, here’s how retail traders are positioning themselves in the market, I still am amazed at EUR and GBP ratios (USD/CHF and USD/JPY are an X-file these weeks, too). I’m Tony Juste, thanks for watching my bit of space on the internet, supported and presented by

Nov 30, 2010 18:20 GMT+0100

   1. USD/JPY
      76.38% 23.62%
   2. XAU/USD
      68.95% 31.05%
   3. USD/CHF
      67.30% 32.70%
   4. USD/CAD
      57.24% 42.76%
   5. AUD/USD
      51.79% 48.21%
   6. EUR/USD
      48.02% 51.98%
   7. GBP/USD
      47.64% 52.36%


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